Property Management & Home Watch

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Know your home is in good hands: Home watch
service is essential when you are abroad

Hurricane preparation:
Know your home is safe 

Protecting your investment: Checks and
maintenance to assure your home is secured

Home watch services will protect your property
against mildew and water damage

Regular checks are mandatory to prevent damage
from broken lines or failing house appliances

Scheduled maintenance dokumented on your
individual checklist 
for your piece of mind

Our Commitment for your piece of mind

Angel’s Housekeeper is owned and operated by professionals with years of experience. Being away from home an leaving your investment behind unattended can bare some risks. A safe precaution is to have somebody look after your property to ensure all is well and stays well while you are gone.
We are here to protect your home investment when you are 1,000 miles away for prolonged periods of time?
Our service helps protect your investment and your house and saves you time and money.
We offer customized homeowner and vacation rental programs.

Let Angels’s hold their wing over your investment and relax, your home is in good hands.

At AngelsHouseKeeper you will get full transparency for the home watch service, with an online portal you will have access to all files/pictures and detailed documentation of the home watch process. Access our online home watch portal from anywhere, anytime and on any device.
This is our commitment to you so you are always in the know.